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The “Finance Academy” team is always on the lookout for volunteers. Our mission is to bring the world of finance and the financial markets to the common knowledge and make sure anyone can work with the most common financial instruments out there. We have a special affinity for forex trading since our team has vast experience with these markets. If you’re a finance professional willing to give back to the community, you’re welcome to join us as we strive to increase the financial literacy of people all over the world. You can participate by publishing educational content in your area of expertise on our platform. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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The mission of “Finance Academy” Foundation is to educate and be a reliable source of timely and practical information about the financial markets, based on real-human analysis of the trends and the underlying factors. We strive to increase people’s financial literacy through academic materials written in clear and accessible language, discussions on the financial future, and sharing knowledge and valuable experience.

“Finance Academy” Foundation with ID number 205846530 is a non-commercial organisation, which performs educational activities in line with its mission to increase financial literacy and competency of society.