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The “Finance Academy” team consists of renowned experts in capital markets and risk management. Lecturers at financial and investment forums, seminars and webinars, we are also regular guests in financial media programmes, including Bloomberg TV. Our combined experience spans across more than 20 years of working with some of the leading organisations in the industry. We base our work on solid fundamentals as well as the priceless insights of the technical analysis methods.

Our mission is to use our collective knowledge and experience to increase people’s financial literacy through educational materials written in clear and accessible language, discussions on the financial future, and sharing knowledge and valuable insights. We believe that anyone can benefit from the financial markets with the right knowledge, and we’re here to help those who are eager to learn. Our team of volunteers is available to talk to you if you need advice – just drop us an email.

Andrey Stoychev
Co-Founder, Finance Academy & CEO, RokSure

Andrey started his financial career in 2005 and is now a renowned expert in capital markets, OTC instruments trading and risk management. A lecturer at financial and investment forums, seminars and webinars, he is also a regular guest in financial media programmes, including Bloomberg TV. Andrey is currently the CEO of RokSure, and is a former Executive Director at JFD Group, Chairman of the Board at DeltaStock (brokerage company with 20+ years’ history) as well as Head of Risk Management at Trading212.

Krassin Georgiev
Co-Founder, Finance Academy & Head of Dealing and Risk, QuoteCores

A Glasgow University alumnus with a MSc degree in Investment Banking and Finance, Krasin has been regularly delivering on seminars, webinars and taking part in various financial forums. As a co-founder of Finance Academy, he has been giving hundreds of people a helping hand in their long journey in financial markets. Currently the Head of Dealing and Risk in QuoteCores, Krasin is a former Senior Risk Manager in Trading 212 and a Forex & CFD Dealer in Deltastock.

Stefan Pashaliyski
Co-founder, ForexJobs

With substantial business development experience in the financial industry, Stefan is a well-known professional across multiple markets and regions. Skilled in Sales, Portfolio Management, Capital Markets, Forex Trading, and Investments, he is an FSC-certified Investment Consultant and Stock Broker. Stefan co-founded the FX recruitment agency ForexJobs.bg and has served as Sales Executive and Regional Partnership Manager at companies such as FX Trader Magazine and ThinkMarkets.

Nikola Marinov
Head of Marketing, RokSure

Nikola  held a variety of senior positions in marketing, customer acquisition, and sales funnel optimization. A former Marketing Manager at Silicon Valley company Propy, he has over 15 years of experience in the space. His previous roles also include Head of Marketing at JFD Group and Marketing Director at DF Markets, a London-based FX, CFD and spread betting provider. Nikola holds degrees in Social Sciences and Entrepreneurship.


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